Café William, a company from Quebec

We are a Quebec company focused on roasting accessible organic and fair trade coffees of exceptional quality.

Café William is Quebec’s best-selling retail brand of organic and fair trade coffee beans.

For us, innovation, sustainable development and social responsibility are at the heart of our daily concerns.

Thanks to the expertise and dedication of everyone, we are among the largest importers of Fairtrade coffee in Canada. The best coffee beans come from sustainable agriculture, and it turns out that the world is increasingly aware of this. This is why we believe it is so important to pay coffee growers with a fair and equitable income. Healthy farming communities make a difference, not just to coffee, but to the world

Who is William Spartivento ?

William Spartivento, Italo-Américain né à la fin du 19ième siècle à Buffalo est l’inventeur de la scie à métaux et d’un dispositif pour jouer de la guitare sans toucher les cordes, ancêtre de l’EZ-Fret. Déjà grand amateur de café, il dépose en 1920 un brevet pour un torréfacteur à mouvement continuel, soit une version simplifiée et mobile du premier torréfacteur à mouvement continuel créé par Gerrit Cornelis Otten une trentaine d’années plus tôt. Aujourd’hui, ce procédé est normalisé et automatisé dans l’industrie.

A company that cares about their impact!

“At Café William we believe that fair trade coffee is the best way to honour the immense efforts of those who grow and harvest the coffee.

It's also our way of assuming our share of responsibility for obtaining this precious product and ensuring its sustainability by allowing these artisans to make a decent income.”

Rémi TremblayCEO at Café William

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