Choosing the right coffee grind for your machine

17 August 2022
What’s the best coffee grind size for your machine? The quality of the coffee bean greatly affects the final quality of your morning brew. You…
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Drink Good Coffee While Camping

22 June 2022
When we are not at home and out of our morning routine, making coffee while camping can seem more complicated. However, there are great and…
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Light roast coffees, tastier than you think!

22 March 2022
It is false to think that a light coffee tastes less than a dark coffee. A light roast coffee will present aromas differently: it will…

Classic Beef and Coffee Chili

14 March 2022
Beef and Coffee Chili Here is a very simple beef and coffee chili recipe. Not sure about adding coffee to a chili? Try it to…
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How to properly store your coffee at home

8 March 2022
How do you store your coffee optimally, so that it does not lose its freshness and delicious aromas? Coffee is a sensitive food, and while…
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Make an impact beyond coffee with Miir mugs

24 February 2022
We believe our responsible values ​​should resonate in many areas of our business, and not just when purchasing coffee! That’s why,  while searching for a…