Great efforts are made at our roasting plant to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).  In addition, we are striving to raise awareness and empowering our employees to contribute to this green movement!

We believe that the environment is everyone’s business, and that is why we consider doing our fair share to reduce our ecological footprint.

Sail Cargo William

Value chain

Café William invests in a zero-emission SAILBOAT to transport its coffee beans

Café William is taking advantage of its partner SAILCARGO's presence at COP26 to announce its investment in the first zero-emission sailing cargo ship to transport its coffee beans from South America to its roasting plant in Sherbrooke.


Circular economy

Our jute bags are reused, thanks to circular economy

Our jute bags have not been thrown in the trash since 2018. For several years now, our jute bags have been reused, thanks to the industrial symbiosis project set up by Synergie Estrie.
They use our jute bags to help their trees grow. The bags are used to smother weeds to encourage the growth of newly planted trees.

Cafe William | Environmental Efforts
Économie Cirulaire

Circular economy

Reusing our coffee silverskin… for insects!

In 2018, Synergie Estrie put Café William and Entosystem in touch with its circular economy program.
After few analyzes, they came to the realization that coffee silverskin could be an integral part of the insect’s habitat. It can be used as structuring agents which control humidity and allow the substrate to obtain an ideal nitrogen / carbon ratio.
To find out more, read our blog!


The Green Committee is born at Café William!

We believe that our ideas of greatness must also be reflected in our team. In the same spirit as the green initiatives already underway, Café William is therefore setting up a green committee among its employees!

Being in the field, employees are probably in the best position to assess what can be done on a smaller scale in the company. Many employees care about the environment at home, so why not do the same at work? The same eco-responsible values should, in our view, be reflected in every sphere of our lives.

From waste management in the cafeteria to reducing stack emissions in the plant, employees will look at the different issues the company faces on a daily basis, while trying to bring viable solutions to them.

We truly believe that every little thing counts, especially for a company of our stature! At your recycling bins… let’s go!

In the media

Cafe William | Environmental Efforts

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Cafe William | Environmental Efforts

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Cafe William | Environmental Efforts

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